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Stages of Hepatitis C


The first stage of hepatitis c is called acute hepatitis c.  At first the infected person may have no symptoms because the hepatitis c virus multiplies so slowly.  Sometimes the liver is able to get rid of the virus on its own and then goes back to normal.  However, in up to 85% of people infected with hepatitis c, the inflammation does not go away on its own.


It then progresses to stage two called chronic hepatitis c. Some people develop serious problems within five years of getting the virus.  However, there is a large group of people who still feel fine after 20 years.  That is, until they go in for their yearly exam and the doctor tells them that their liver enzymes are too high, or that their liver has stopped functioning.


Liver damage is the third stage of hep c.  Liver damage causes problems with blood passing through the organ, and this causes liver cells to die.  When the blood cannot go through the liver anymore, due to scar tissue, it begins coming out of the veins that lie in the path to the liver, such as the esophagus.  The medical profession calls this bleeding-out (more about this later).

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