Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

There are some physical indicators when your liver is cirrhotic or not functioning well. In this blog I’ll also include what you can do to help your liver function better.  One is sort of gross, but basically shows that the liver is failing to process the nutrients you are putting into your body.  The color of your feces will be light tan when this happens.

Another indicator could apply to anyone who is having trouble with their liver, but doesn’t necessarily have Hep C.  This indicator is the releasing of gas (farting) that really has a rotten smell.  I experienced this after my liver had regenerated after the Hep C was killed.  I started farting, at first just a little bit, and these farts really smelled rotten.  Then as the days went by I noticed that I was farting more and more often.

Around this time I went to Lymphatic Drainage Therapy III training as my continuing education for my Massage Therapy license.  LDT III is a class where you learn to drain the lymph of the internal organs.  During one of the demonstrations given by the instructor, she pointed out that my liver lymphatic flow was stagnant and I needed several Lymphatic Drainage Treatments to my liver to get it to flowing correctly again.

During class I noticed that my smelly farts became fewer.  Then about a week after I finished the course I started having more farts, more often.  So I scheduled my first appointment with a Massage Therapist who has been trained in LDT.  She spent 30 minutes on my liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.  My smelly farts stopped for about a month.

Then the smelly farts started again and happened often.  I went back to her and this time scheduled my appointment for 45 minutes.  For 3 months there were very, very few farts and they usually are not smelly.   Now a few are starting to return, so I’ll schedule another appointment for Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.  LDT is taught using the Bruno Chikly method.  The lymph system of the body is a fluid system. In this method, as the therapist you follow the lymph flow and it redirects itself.  It’s very gentle work.

Doctors and other medical personal know relatively little about the lymphatic system of the body.  The lymphatic system was discovered and described by Thomas Bartholin in the mid 1600’s.  Since then the lymph system has been mostly ignored because of its subtlety and complexity.  The lymphatic system is now being studied more and more as we learn more about disease.

To your greatest success!


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Castor Oil Pack

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Castor Oil increases circulation, improves lymphatic flow and increases lymphocyte production and activity.  A castor oil pack over the liver is effective for reducing inflammation and for relief of liver pain. It relieves chronic fluid retention in the liver, and congestion in the gallbladder and liver. Castor oil can be effective in preventing the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds.

For a Castor Oil pack use a cotton or wool flannel cloth 18 inches by 40 inches.  Make 5 folds, 8 inches each – keep the 18 inches unfolded. Saturate the cloth with a good quality, cold-pressed Castor oil.   Apply this pack over the liver. Put Clingwrap plastic over the pack to keep the oil from dripping and to secure the pack to your body.

Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil Pack

Then for more protection, wrap an old towel around your body.  If you can get a large enough towel to go around your body, you can then use safety pins to keep it around you.   A hot water bottle placed over the pack will increase the effectiveness of the treatment. It can be left in place as long as all night.

Because of the antimicrobial properties of the oil, the same pack can be used over again many times before discarding.

To your greatest success,


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Aids for Master Cleanser Diet Effectiveness

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

During the Master Cleanser Diet no food is eaten and you can drink from six to twelve glasses of the diet if you get hungry during the first few days. I recently did the Master Cleanser Diet again for 10 days and the first few days were pretty intense.  If you just remember to drink more of the diet drink when you feel hunger looming, you will succeed.

If your system feels upset during the diet, it is because you are not having sufficient elimination and this is easily remedied using these aids. During the diet you should have two, three or even more bowel movements during each day.  You might think that it is unnecessary since you are not eating solid food, but it is nature’s way of eliminating the waste it has loosened up from various cells and organs in the body while drinking the diet.  These wastes must leave the body some way.  Imagine if you are trying to remove dirt from your house.  If you sweep it around and around the room, it never leaves your house but is just stirred up.  So you must sweep it out the door, eliminating it.

The same thing happens with your body, you must eliminate the wastes stirred up in the body by the Master Cleanser Diet.  The better the elimination, the more rapid will be the results.  A laxative herb tea is the best helper for most people and now-a-days a laxative tea is easy to find at Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, or other health stores in your area.  The laxative tea is taken the last thing at night and first thing in the morning and are best taken in liquid form.

 Another cleansing aid called Internal Salt Water Bathing

Just like it is necessary to bathe the outside of our body, it is necessary to bathe the inside of our body during the cleansing diet.  Do not take enemas or colonics at any time during the cleansing diet or afterward. They are unnecessary and could be harmful.  There is a superior method of cleansing the colonic tract without the harmful effects ofr customary colonics and enemas.  This method will cleanse the entire digestive tract while the colonics and enemas will only reach the colon or a small part of it.  Colonics can also be expensive, while this method is not.

Directions:   Prepare a full quart of luke-warm water and add 2 level (rounded for the Canadian quart) teaspoons of un-Iodized sea salt.  Do not use ordinary iodized salt as it will not work properly.  Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning.  This must be taken on an empty stomach.  The salt and water will not separate but will stay intact and quickly and thoroughly wash the entire digestive tract in about one hour.  Several eliminations will likely occur.

The salt water has the same specific gravity as the bold, hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt. This may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive system.  If the salt water does not work the first time, try adding a little more or less salt until the proper balance is found, or possibly take extra water with or without salt.  This often increases the activity.  Remember, it can do no harm at any time.  The colon needs a good washing, but do it the natural way – the salt water way.

Some people find it most beneficial to take the herb laxative tea at night to loosen, then the salt water each morning to wash it out.  If for some reason the salt water cannot be taken in the morning then the herb laxative tea must be taken night and morning.

To your greatest success!


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Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Since I killed the HepC virus in 2005 I’ve been faced with having Grade IV Cirrhosis of the Liver.  I’ve also been faced with the fact that since I had Hep C my body no longer had much healthy bacteria because the Hep C ravages the body as it’s trying to kill it.  So I’ve had massive flatulence, my body was always getting yeast infections, and I was prone to sinus problems, not to mention weakness in my joints and bones.  It’s a good idea to add this regimen to your Alkalizing Rebuilding Diet.

To address these problems I began looking for remedies that could help me overcome these things using natural remedies, and I FOUND SOME NATURAL VITAMINS that are natural and skip the “digestive” step in the process of getting vitamins into my bloodstream and the only Vitamin that is better would be one that I could use intravenously!   Pretty COOL!

What is neat about these vitamins is that they kill unhealthy yeast (among other things), a major cause of health problems.   Our body is beyond intelligent and it is constantly protecting itself.  Antibiotics are a “mold” which is basically yeast.  So when our body needs to defend itself it produces yeast as a natural antibiotic.  The problem is that as it produces yeast, the immune system becomes compromised. This debilitates the body and allows the virus (Hep C) to take over because our immune system has been compromised and our body cannot fight it off.

Yeast thrives in a high sugar and carbohydrate environment and then it lowers the immune system’s ability to fight the Hep C infection.  The Hep C in combination with the antibiotics we take to fight off infection combines to lower our immune system.  Yeast raises histamine in the body causing allergies and that is just the beginning!   So having the Hep C virus encourages a lot of other problems that makes the body weaker and weaker.

This is where diet and vitamins comes into the picture.  A yeast free diet will help but it is not enough when you have Hep C.  Foods highest in yeast are sugars especially sodas, milk, fruit juices, candies, cheese, pasta, bread, bagels, and all aged foods such as vinegar.  Even cantaloupe and mushrooms contain yeast.  As you can tell it is HARD to remove these foods from our diet and makes it near impossible to keep yeast at bay when you are fighting the Hep C virus.

You will know if yeast is a problem you have that is exacerbated by your having Hep C because you will:

  • Crave sweets and carbohydrates
  • Have a feeling of bloatedness after meals and a feeling of fullness
  • Have Rosacea (very red cheeks) or eczema or psoriasis
  • Exhibit extreme tiredness and fatigue
  • Have degenerative arthritis as well as cartilage breakdown
  • Have food allergies as well as environmental allergies

The vitamin regimen I take comes from the Isotonix line of vitamins.  I got the recommended regimen from my nutritionist.  I order the vitamins from this website where it is FREE to register.  On top of that you earn money-back on EVERYTHING when you shop online at this website!

Here is the regimen I take to fight the yeast buildup and the problems it causes in my blood and body:

  • 1-2 caps of OPC3 (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) (1 right after I wake up, 1 right before bed)
  • 1-2 caps of B Complex  (1 right after I wake up, 1 right before bed)
  • 1 cap of Isochome (upon waking)
  • 1-2 chewable probiotics on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (anytime)
  • 1 cap of Spectrum Digestive Enzymes with dinner
  • “Greens” on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (in the afternoon)

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC3) works to detoxify yeast from the blood and tissues (yeast shows up in blood as uric acid as well as cholesterol).  OPC3 also keeps your red blood cells from sticking together and helps them to continue flowing freely through your body.  This also helps in the prevention of heart problems

B Complex works with OPC3 to detoxify and improve blood circulation to detox from the yeast.

Isochrome works to maintain normal blood sugars. When yeast is present in the body it interferes with normal blood sugars.

My wishes for your greatest success!


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Alkalizing Rebuilding Diet

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Since Hepatitis C is a long term disease you may cleanse your diet many times, whenever you “feel” your liver being dragged down by the disease and will use many different procedures to fight it.

Of course any time you need to give your liver a rest the Master Cleanser Diet is the supreme diet to help your liver rest and keep the Hepatitis C under control, especially if your liver is “aching” or if your liver is feeling “separate” from the rest of your body.  When this “separate” feeling occurs, it’s because the liver’s vibrational level no longer matches the rest of your body, so you actually “feel” it as a separate entity.

You really must be aware of how your liver is responding to any changes in your diet.  Sometimes your liver is very fragile, and may require the Master Cleanser Diet to bring it under control.  The Master Cleanser Diet is so strong because it is purely organic liquid and so the liver doesn’t have to digest solid food.  You can do the Master Cleanser Diet anytime that you feel your liver as separate from your body.  You can do it for anywhere from 3 days to 40 days, depending on how badly you are feeling.

Sometimes the liver may be strong enough to have other detoxification procedures that don’t require a liquid solution.  There are some foods that help fight Hepatitis C while detoxifying and strengthening your liver. There is a fine line between liver detox and liver toxicity.

If you’ve completed a round of the Master Cleanser Diet, you will probably want to alkalize your body to bring it back into as much of a balance as you can. Below is a diet that will help you accomplish this task (from Healthy Healing, An Alternative Healing Reference, Ninth Edition, by Linda G. Rector-Page, N.D., Ph.D):

1.  In the morning upon rising, take an 8 oz. glass of water with a tablespoon or two of lemon juice and honey.  That’s about one half fresh lemon squeezed into purified water and a tablespoon of locally grown honey.

2.  For breakfast mix 2 tablespoons each of brewer’s yeast, lecithin, and high omega 3flax oil.  Take 2 teaspoons each morning in prune, organic apple or cranberry juice.  Then have some fresh fruits such as grapefruit or pineapple, and/or a whole grain cereal or muesli with apple juice or fruit yogurt on top.

3.  Mid-morning have a cup of Miso soup with 2 tablespoons of sea vegies snipped on top.

4.  For lunch have a large fresh green salad with lemon/olive oil dressing, a glass of fresh carrot juice, and some whole grain crackers with a yogurt, kefir or soy spread.  Or have some marinated, baked tofu with brown rice or millet, and a small spinach/sprout salad with a light olive oil dressing.

5.  Mid-afternoon have a cup of Miso soup or a cup of alkalizing herb tea such as chamomile, dandelion root, or Pau de Arco and/or a hard-boiled egg and a cup of yogurt.

6.  For dinner, have a baked potato with kefir cheese or soy cheese dressing, and a large dinner with mayonnaise dressing.  Or a light vegetable steam/stir fry with vegetables, seafood or tofu; Or  some steamed vegies with a light Italian or tofu dressing, and brown rice, millet  or bulgar; Or a vegetable soufflé or casserole with a light noodle broth.

7.  Before bed have an herb tea such as dandelion root or chamomile.  Or have a glass of apple juice or prune juice.

Drink 6 – 8 glasses of purified water every day.  Take small meals more frequently all during the day, rather than any large meals.

Here’s to your success!


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