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I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  It was during the 1950’s when you could actually leave your door unlocked, safely.  Yes, really!  I do not claim to be a doctor or to know about pharmaceuticals or diseases in general.  I do know about hepatitis C and Liver cirrhosis, because I’ve had them and lived through it.

I ‘ve researched hepatitis c and liver function and health on the Internet for close to 30 years looking and finding natural remedies for my liver. My grandmother knew all about natural remedies and I’ve been able to remember some of the things she told me.  Combined with my own experience and my research, I found a multitude of naturopathic remedies to help me keep my liver functioning. I couldn’t do anything about the cirrhosis for 30 years because, the hepatitis c virus attacks the liver, causing cirrhosis.

I attended college at the University of Texas in Austin and got a degree in Communication – Speech and Hearing Disorders, with a minor in Asian Studies. I also had about 40 hours over what I needed to graduate in subjects like physiology, astronomy, and the theory of physics (no math).  I guess you can tell from this that I’m really a career student.  That is probably one reason I was able to research Hep C in depth and make all the pieces I found into one big method to keep myself alive and well with hep c and liver cirrhosis for 30 years! My liver was still functioning and my Gastroenterologist (specialist) told me I should be jaundiced and dying in the hospital, not walking around looking healthy.

I’ll explain more later, but for now just know that one of the natural remedies I used was massage therapy. It is not only cumulative (which means the benefits you receive from each massage builds upon the benefits you received from the previous one) but massage is one of the healthiest ways to care for yourself.  It is especially good if you want to remove toxins from your body. So here we are.  I was diagnosed with hep c in 1993 AND then grade 4 liver cirrhosis in 2004.  From what I’ve seen and found, people usually die with grade 2 liver cirrhosis, so I guess I’m a walking miracle. I just used natural remedies from all over the world to keep my liver functioning, despite my grade 4 cirrhosis.

Here’s to your greatest success!


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