What Happened After?-Part 2

I knew that if the Interferon Alpha 2-a and Ribavirin was going to work, I was going to have to maintain a certain state of mind. As we all know, whether we have Hep C or not, It is hard to maintain a positive state of mind no matter what you try to think about or do.  So I figured the only way for me to accomplish this was to be able to control my stimuli input…controlling what music I listened to, what TV I watched, where I went, and who I talked to about it.

First of all, I only listened to the Beatles music for the simple reason that about the time Abbey Road was made, they started putting solfeggio frequencies in the background of some of their songs.  The solfeggio frequency for love is 528Hz.  Also since I needed to maintain the belief that ANYTHING is possible, I decided to watch ONLY fantasy on TV.  As far as where I went, I went to work, came home, ate, went to bed because I was dying, as I stated in a previous blog, so I didn’t have to worry much about going places.  At work I didn’t talk to anyone about it but my boss, and that was just to request 2 work-at-home days, so I could give myself the Chemo shot every week.

I gave myself a Chemo shot once a week in the stomach, with a syringe that was prefilled and had a needle that was only ½ inch long.  I would put a piece of ice on a part of my stomach that had a little fat for about 5 minutes.  Then I gave myself the shot.  It was not painful and the ice made the area numb.  I used different areas of my abdomen for each shot.  Each day I had to take a Ribavirin also.  I did this for 48 weeks.

I bet you’ve heard horror stories about how this Interferon Alpha 2-a makes a person feel bad.  It was supposed to make a person feel anywhere from slightly sick as if with a slight flu all the way to unable to get out of bed sick.  My body “sucked” up that Chemo and I didn’t feel sick at all.  I did however develop neuropathy from my toes to my knees.  It took the meds about 4 months to kill the nerves in my feet and lower legs.  This was a real drag because what that means is that I couldn’t walk very far without falling down.  If you cannot tell where your feet are landing because you cannot feel them, you fall.

It also has a reputation of making you depressed and keeping anti-depressants from working.  I was taking 2 different anti-depressants for chronic depression, so I was really watching my thoughts closely.  Now they always ask you if you’ve ever thought about suicide and won’t give you this treatment if you have.  So I lied and told them that I had not thought about suicide.  Approximately 2 months into the treatment my anti-depressants quit working and it was then I realized that the reason I needed them was because I had to work in a “cube” type environment!  But, that’s another story!

My story continues!   (More to come)

To your greatest success!~


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