Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

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There are some physical indicators when your liver is cirrhotic or not functioning well. In this blog I’ll also include what you can do to help your liver function better.  One is sort of gross, but basically shows that the liver is failing to process the nutrients you are putting into your body.  The color of your feces will be light tan when this happens.

Another indicator could apply to anyone who is having trouble with their liver, but doesn’t necessarily have Hep C.  This indicator is the releasing of gas (farting) that really has a rotten smell.  I experienced this after my liver had regenerated after the Hep C was killed.  I started farting, at first just a little bit, and these farts really smelled rotten.  Then as the days went by I noticed that I was farting more and more often.

Around this time I went to Lymphatic Drainage Therapy III training as my continuing education for my Massage Therapy license.  LDT III is a class where you learn to drain the lymph of the internal organs.  During one of the demonstrations given by the instructor, she pointed out that my liver lymphatic flow was stagnant and I needed several Lymphatic Drainage Treatments to my liver to get it to flowing correctly again.

During class I noticed that my smelly farts became fewer.  Then about a week after I finished the course I started having more farts, more often.  So I scheduled my first appointment with a Massage Therapist who has been trained in LDT.  She spent 30 minutes on my liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.  My smelly farts stopped for about a month.

Then the smelly farts started again and happened often.  I went back to her and this time scheduled my appointment for 45 minutes.  For 3 months there were very, very few farts and they usually are not smelly.   Now a few are starting to return, so I’ll schedule another appointment for Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.  LDT is taught using the Bruno Chikly method.  The lymph system of the body is a fluid system. In this method, as the therapist you follow the lymph flow and it redirects itself.  It’s very gentle work.

Doctors and other medical personal know relatively little about the lymphatic system of the body.  The lymphatic system was discovered and described by Thomas Bartholin in the mid 1600’s.  Since then the lymph system has been mostly ignored because of its subtlety and complexity.  The lymphatic system is now being studied more and more as we learn more about disease.

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