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Since I killed the HepC virus in 2005 I’ve been faced with having Grade IV Cirrhosis of the Liver.  I’ve also been faced with the fact that since I had Hep C my body no longer had much healthy bacteria because the Hep C ravages the body as it’s trying to kill it.  So I’ve had massive flatulence, my body was always getting yeast infections, and I was prone to sinus problems, not to mention weakness in my joints and bones.  It’s a good idea to add this regimen to your Alkalizing Rebuilding Diet.

To address these problems I began looking for remedies that could help me overcome these things using natural remedies, and I FOUND SOME NATURAL VITAMINS that are natural and skip the “digestive” step in the process of getting vitamins into my bloodstream and the only Vitamin that is better would be one that I could use intravenously!   Pretty COOL!

What is neat about these vitamins is that they kill unhealthy yeast (among other things), a major cause of health problems.   Our body is beyond intelligent and it is constantly protecting itself.  Antibiotics are a “mold” which is basically yeast.  So when our body needs to defend itself it produces yeast as a natural antibiotic.  The problem is that as it produces yeast, the immune system becomes compromised. This debilitates the body and allows the virus (Hep C) to take over because our immune system has been compromised and our body cannot fight it off.

Yeast thrives in a high sugar and carbohydrate environment and then it lowers the immune system’s ability to fight the Hep C infection.  The Hep C in combination with the antibiotics we take to fight off infection combines to lower our immune system.  Yeast raises histamine in the body causing allergies and that is just the beginning!   So having the Hep C virus encourages a lot of other problems that makes the body weaker and weaker.

This is where diet and vitamins comes into the picture.  A yeast free diet will help but it is not enough when you have Hep C.  Foods highest in yeast are sugars especially sodas, milk, fruit juices, candies, cheese, pasta, bread, bagels, and all aged foods such as vinegar.  Even cantaloupe and mushrooms contain yeast.  As you can tell it is HARD to remove these foods from our diet and makes it near impossible to keep yeast at bay when you are fighting the Hep C virus.

You will know if yeast is a problem you have that is exacerbated by your having Hep C because you will:

  • Crave sweets and carbohydrates
  • Have a feeling of bloatedness after meals and a feeling of fullness
  • Have Rosacea (very red cheeks) or eczema or psoriasis
  • Exhibit extreme tiredness and fatigue
  • Have degenerative arthritis as well as cartilage breakdown
  • Have food allergies as well as environmental allergies

The vitamin regimen I take comes from the Isotonix line of vitamins.  I got the recommended regimen from my nutritionist.  I order the vitamins from this website where it is FREE to register.  On top of that you earn money-back on EVERYTHING when you shop online at this website!

Here is the regimen I take to fight the yeast buildup and the problems it causes in my blood and body:

  • 1-2 caps of OPC3 (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) (1 right after I wake up, 1 right before bed)
  • 1-2 caps of B Complex  (1 right after I wake up, 1 right before bed)
  • 1 cap of Isochome (upon waking)
  • 1-2 chewable probiotics on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (anytime)
  • 1 cap of Spectrum Digestive Enzymes with dinner
  • “Greens” on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (in the afternoon)

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC3) works to detoxify yeast from the blood and tissues (yeast shows up in blood as uric acid as well as cholesterol).  OPC3 also keeps your red blood cells from sticking together and helps them to continue flowing freely through your body.  This also helps in the prevention of heart problems

B Complex works with OPC3 to detoxify and improve blood circulation to detox from the yeast.

Isochrome works to maintain normal blood sugars. When yeast is present in the body it interferes with normal blood sugars.

My wishes for your greatest success!


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