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As I’ve said before, how your body reacts to Hep C depends on how you treat your body and how well you can listen to your liver. Also you must be aware that Hepatitis C is a long term disease, as a rule, so you may use many different procedures to fight it. There are many different things you can do to fight the effects of Hepatitis C and its impact on the liver. It all depends on how you perceive your liver to be feeling, as to which method or procedure you choose at which time.

Of course any time you need to give your liver a rest the Master Cleanser Diet is the supreme diet to help your liver rest and keep the Hepatitis C under control. You really must be aware of how your liver is responding to any changes in your diet.  Sometimes your liver is very fragile, and may require the Master Cleanser Diet to bring it under control.  The Master Cleanser Diet is so strong because it is purely organic liquid and so the liver doesn’t have to digest solid food.

Sometimes the liver may be strong enough to have other detoxification procedures that don’t require a liquid solution.  There are some methods of Massage Therapy that help fight Hepatitis C while detoxifying and strengthening your liver. Note that there is a fine line between liver detox and liver toxicity.   Below are two pictures of reflexology points that you can use to help detoxify your liver and any other organ that is impacted by the Hep C virus.  Each of us is different and therefore the impact each of us feels may be different.  It sort of depends on the strength of your organs and how you address the organ’s health.

I advise going to see a professional who has studied Chinese Medicine. In this day and time there are several schools in the USA that have curriculum of study for Chinese Medicine and these schools usually have an Intern Clinic with supervisors experienced in Chinese medicine.

They can use your pulse to determine your yin/yang balance.  They “read” your tongue to see the extent of the damage to your body.  They can even provide you with Chinese herbal concoctions to help you fight the Hep C Virus.  You can also help yourself by using pressure on reflexology points or massaging these points on your feet, hands, and face.  You can also evaluate your own tongue to see where you need help with Chinese Herbs and you can practice Shiatsu Self-Massage to assist your body in detoxification.

My deficiency was primarily in my Yin aspect, so I had lots and lots of tongue cracks, including a BIG one right down the middle.

I’ve included some pictures below to help you identify where/what you need to massage your face, feet, and hands.  I’ve also included what to look for on your tongue to help yourself.

Here’s to your success in fighting this horrifically deadly disease!


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Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology

Reflexology - side of foot

Reflexology – side of foot

Yin/Yang of Tongue

Yin/Yang of Tongue

Shiatsu - Self Massage

Shiatsu – Self Massage



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