Create Your Reality — Don’t Give Up!

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

How your body reacts to Hep C depends on how you treat your body and how well you can listen to your liver.   They are on the verge of determining how our universe is made and it appears to be flexible to the point that we can direct how our reality is formulated, depending on what we “tell” ourselves and what we expect.  That basically means that you have to keep your mind on a certain level of healing and expectation of healing in order to maintain your liver function.  Our state of mind, influenced by our faith in “things unseen” does affect outcomes in the world around  us. Thus, the power of prayer. I’m living proof of these facts.

Here is what I mean…I’m a child of the 60’s so to me, maintaining a positive outlook was impacted by the kind of music I listened to.  I found that The Beatles music set me in the correct frame of mind to attempt healing my liver and controlling my hep C.  Some people may prefer other types of music and that is OK.  It’s whatever works for you that is important!  Do not let others tell you what you should be listening to, you know within yourself what you need to listen to!

Once I found out I had Hep C and my Liver was damaged, as those of you have read in my history, I never went back to a doctor and asked him how my liver was doing…that is asking them to tell you about your body.  I trusted in my body to tell me what to do to help and you can too!  I knew I had Hep C and I knew I was dying.  I finally went to the doctor in 2004 and only because my daughter freaked out when she saw me and realized I was terminal.  She is the only person in the world who is able to tell that much about me just by looking.

That was when my doctor told me I had grade IV cirrhosis of the liver. Now if you look that up, you will see that Grade 4 Hepatitis = Liver Cirrhosis and sometimes it even includes Liver cancer.  Grading (as in Grade 4) is used for assessing inflammation and fibrosis of the liver.  Necrosis is one of the two mechanisms by which cell death occurs and with grade 4 cirrhosis, there is supposed to be massive necrosis or cell death.   Necrosis is always associated with severe cellular trauma and cell death (according to the medical profession).  Now my brother-in-law died with Grade 2 Liver Cirrhosis and he could not believe that I had Grade 4 Liver Cirrhosis and was walking around looking healthy – not yellow, not swollen, and not in the hospital or dead!  I must have been doing something right those 25-30 years and I’m sure my state of mind was PRIMARY in that healing attitude along with all the natural remedies I used.

The “Grades” of inflammation of the liver follow as determined by the Medical profession:

Grade 0  = no inflammation

Grade 1 = inflammation of the vessels that bring blood into the liver but no liver cell death yet

Grade 2 = inflammation of the vessels leading into the liver with mild hepatitis inflammation.

Grade 3 = severe inflammation of the vessels leading into the liver with moderate hepatitis inflammation

Grade 4 = extreme inflammation of the vessels leading into the liver with severe hepatitis inflammation.  That’s where I was when I had a liver biopsy in 2004!

If you have Grade 4 inflammation of the liver and grade 4 Hep C  inflammation, you are supposed to be swollen, yellow with jaundice and dying in the hospital, at the least!  The person I knew who died of Grade 2 cirrhosis of the liver had yellow skin and eyes and was swollen and the Ammonia had begun to build up in his brain as is classic with Hep C last stages.  Truly, your focus determines your reality!

I practiced meditation in the early stages of Hep C, but as time went on, I could no longer maintain the focus required to continue meditating for the last 15 years of my disease.  If you cannot meditate to bring your body into balance, then do Hatha yoga or other type of exercise to balance your body.  I was able to do that for a while and could see the vibrational changes in my body around my liver area.  Finally when my liver was actually developing grade-four cirrhosis, the most I could do was maintain my body, so at the end of those 25 years, the most I could do was eat, sleep and work.

By that time my spine was drying up because I was dying!  I knew that because I got to the point where I could not turn my head to the left when I lay on my stomach because I felt bone-on-bone.  It was because my spine was drying out and it was getting brittle in readiness for my death!  NOW, I’ve fully recovered and my spine is no longer getting brittle.

So DON’T GIVE UP!  You can do natural remedies and maintain your health EVEN with a TERMINAL ILLNESS!

My wish is for your greatest success!


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