Environmental Toxins and Hep C

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As I’ve talked about previously, everything has a vibration and when your organs are healthy, you cannot tell the difference between your liver, your heart, your kidneys or any other part of yourself.  You are usually all one vibration.  It’s only when an organ is diseased that the vibrational level changes and you can feel it as a separate entity within your body.  This was the case with my liver and that is when I started being able to tell it from the other parts of my body.

I used to be able to tell if I needed to detox my liver because it was having difficulty when I would be sitting or lying down and suddenly I’d feel a very slight “quiver” or “twinge” like feeling right under my right ribcage area.  It would only last for a second or two, and if it lasted more than that it felt very uncomfortable to me.  This Hep C toxicity could be deadly to my liver and that also means that any environmental toxicity might also be able to get a hold of my liver and damage it further.

I’ve walked into a clothing store and was immediately hit with this chemical smell.  It’s the smell of the chemicals they put on clothing before shipping, I’m not sure why they do it.  But if you have a ‘compromised’ (as they call it) liver, then you’ve probably noticed this chemical smell when you walk into places like the Gap, TJMaxx, Bealls, or any of those kinds of stores.  There was a time when I could not enter a store of this type without getting nauseated, turning red, breaking into a sweat and feeling sick within 15 minutes of entering the place.  I always HAD to wash my clothing right after purchase and BEFORE wearing.  I guess it’s lucky for me that I don’t like to shop very much.

Usually when a “foreign pathogen”, which is defined as a substance that causes disease attacks the body’s immune system we produce anti-bodies to fight the attack.  It’s vital to maintain our immune system at its highest level of functioning so that it can combat chemicals, smoke, and other toxins that are present in our environment. With Hep C, my liver was compromised to the point that I could not produce enough anti-bodies or could not produce strong enough anti-bodies to fight the disease.  I couldn’t take a lot of vitamins either, because they could overwhelm my liver and cause more problems.

The only thing I found I could do in between my intense detox treatments like The Master Cleanser Diet was to eat organic, fresh vegetables and fruits, minimize my protein intake, STOP drinking carbonated drinks and alcohol, reduce coffee intake to one cup a day and make it weak, and take 1000 mg. of vitamin C daily.  Vitamin C is washed out of your body within the first couple of hours, so it’s good to take it either in lower doses a few times a day or take the dose at night before going to bed.  That way it will have a chance to work in your body before you pee it out.

Some products and environmental factors that can have a detrimental effect on your health include: disinfectants, hair sprays, paint, bedding, animal hair, household cleaning products, dust, and mold.  Some chemical products used in the home emit volatile components such as styrene from plastics, benzene from solve3nts, and formaldehyde from manufactured wood products.  Smoke from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes raises the level of toxic substances not only in the smoker but also in those receiving second-hand smoke.  Some people find that using an air cleaner or an ion fountain help symptomatic relief.  These remove smoke, dust, pollen, animal odors, smog, and bacteria.

These various pollutants invade our body and if our liver is weakened from Hep C we find it hard to fight their harmful effects.  These various pollutants cause such reactions as watery eyes, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach and can even cause ringing of the ears.  Symptoms are so varied that they also include asthma, bronchitis, stuffy nose, arthritis, fatigue, headache, eczema, and depression.

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