White Light Visualization

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Throughout my years fighting Hep C naturally, even when I could do nothing but eat, sleep, and work, I could sit still and focus on my visualizations. Visualization does not rely on you believing anything about it.  It is just a way in which we can learn to control the mind instead of the mind ruling our life.

I found that I had to start by just focusing my attention on my breath.  So any time you wish to visualize, sit comfortably and notice your breath as you breathe in and then out.  Notice as you extend your stomach while inhaling.  When you focus on your breathe, you are present and your mind is quiet.

Next continue breathing and as you inhale through your nose, see your breath as a “white light” that you are breathing into your lungs.  This “white light” is the essence of Love from the Supreme Source of All existence.  Breathe it into your lungs as you inhale.  This is the first visualization. Each time you breathe in you see the “white light” filling your lungs.

Each time you exhale through your mouth, see “dark light” being expelled.  You can imagine this “dark light” as your diseased cells, including your mental negativity concerning your disease.  As you exhale visualize the “dark light” coming out of your body.

Then at each inhale, see the “white light” flowing into your body.  As you continue to visualize you will feel the “white light” filling your lungs, and then expanding beyond your lungs into your whole body.  At the same time, with each exhale you will be removing “dark light” from your body and after a little practice you will be able to see your body becoming filled with the white light of healing.

If you are really sensitive to your body, you will notice that as your body fills with the “white light” it becomes lighter.  Doing this visualization every day, will strengthen your ability to see and feel the “white light” filling your body and seeing the “dark light” leaving your body. As I mentioned earlier, this method is one way to learn to control the mind rather than letting the mind control you.

To your greatest success!


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