Healing Foods

The natural remedies on this website are never intended as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

Edgar Cayce, the Chinese, the Indians, and Native Americans have had a philosophy of “Whole Body  Wellness” for centuries.  They know that you have to treat the whole body, not just the disease.  Each chemical, organ, and system involved in our bodily health affects every other part of our body and this includes things like how your pulse feels, how your tongue looks and other subtle signs of bodily health.

This seems like common sense, but for years doctors have specialized and in this day and time rarely communicate with the other specialties, unless when treating what they perceive as your ‘disease’, another organ starts reacting to something while they are treating a disease. Even in this day and time, doctors do NOT have the Whole Picture.  They do NOT know the precursors for liver enzyme production.  They don’t first use vitamins and amino acids for healing even though these are our first line of defense against the ravages of nature, age, and the world in general.

Doctors are specialized to the point that they don’t usually communicate with different specialties and do NOT know the interactions that are involved with our bodily chemicals, our bodily organs and all of our bodily functions.  They are so specialized that there is NO complete picture of our body for them.  They deal with specific disease and not whole body health.  This is really a sad fact of our society.

Healing Broth

For a healing broth, cook together three carrots, two stalks of celery, one turnip, two beets, a half head of cabbage, an quarter of a  bunch of parsley, a quarter of an onion, and a half clove of garlic.  This broth heals many illnesses.


Drink or dilute juices with only purified or distilled water.  Use pure juices only, and avoid those with sweeteners or additives.  Do not drink orange or tomato juice.  The best juices to use when fasting are fresh lemon juice, cabbage, beet, carrot, celery, grape, and apple juice and ‘green’ drinks made from any of the green leafy vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables In General

Edgar Cayce did many readings for people who had different diseases and one thing that came out of all his readings is that fruits and vegetables that have dark ‘meat’ are the ones we should focus on to build our blood and keep our body healthy.  This does not include bananas, which have dark colored skin but have light colored ‘meat.’  So the best fruits and vegetables to eat for a cure include things like peaches, plums, prunes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, green beans, beets, kiwi fruit and mangos.  That is not the extent of the list but gives you an idea of what to look for when deciding to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

To your greatest success!


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