A Mental Game to Fight the Hep C Virus

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This technique will work better for some than for others.  Another way of using your mind to fight the Hep C virus that is coursing through your body is to imagine it as a Pacman game. Before I can explain what I mean, I need to briefly explain a couple of things about cells. Red blood cells flow through our veins, arteries and capillaries.  When you have Hepatitis C the virus takes over as many cells as it can within the body.  When the virus takes control of a cell, it converts it to a Hep C virus cell which then attacks other cells in the body trying to make them Hep C virus cells also.  That is a very basic explanation of how a virus works in the body.

Now let me explain playing the Pacman game in reference to fighting Hep C.

1.  Begin by sitting still, feeling you heart beating in your chest.  With each beat, you imagine seeing the red blood cells rushing through your arteries.  The blood rushes throughout your whole body and you feel it flowing all around inside and then back to the heart.

2.  Now imagine another type of cell flowing next to the red blood cells. These cells have been taken over by the Hep C virus but look the same as the red blood cells on the outside.  Inside they are controlled by the Hep C virus.  These are the cells you imagine looking like the ghost-like things that Pacman chases.  I think some of them are named like Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, etc.

3.  Now the body recognizes that some of your red blood cells have been taken over by Hep C virus cells, so in response the body produces white blood cells through the immune system.  These are the cells that attack disease in our body.  Imagine that they are the big-mouth Pacmen going after the Hep C ghost-like cells.

4.  Now see several Pacman cells chasing the Hep C cells munching them up as they overtake them.  The white warrior blood cells (Pacman cells) formed by the immune system rush through the blood stream, eating as many of the Hep C virus cells as they can.

Just doing this exercise 5 – 10 minutes per day will pay off and each time you practice, you will find it easier and easier to see the game in your mind’s eye.  This is just one more method of fighting the Hep C virus with every means possible in this reality.

To your greatest success!


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