Over-heating Therapy

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Many times when I was feeling the Hepatitis C flowing through my body, I felt like I needed to create a fever to help fight the virus.  So I would use overheating therapy to accomplish this artificial fever.  Overheating, or stimulating a slight fever in the body is a powerful, natural healing tool against serious disease.

Fever is a natural defense and a healing force of the immune system, created and sustained by the body to rid itself of harmful pathogens and to restore health.  During my full-blown Hep C attacks, when I could feel the virus coursing through my body, I felt like I needed a serious fever to increase my metabolism and help fight the Hep C virus.  The high body temperature, speeds up the body’s metabolism, which in turn inhibits the growth of the harmful virus or bacteria, and literally burns the invading organism with heat.

Fever has long been known to be an effective, protective healing measure against colds and simple infections, and also against serious diseases such as cancer and leukemia.  Today, artificially induced fevers are used in many biological, holistic clinics for treating acute infectious diseases, arthritic conditions, skin disorders and much more.  A moderate, natural version may  be used in the home.  It has the beneficial effect of stimulating the body’s immunological mechanism, without the stress of fever-inducing drugs.

How To Take An Overheating Bath:

1.  Do not eat for two hours before treatment.  Empty your bladder and colon if possible.

2.  Obtain a good thermometer so that water temperature may be correctly measured.  The bath temperature must be monitored at all times.

3.  Use as large a tub as possible.  Plug the emergency outlet to raise the water to the top of the tub.  The patient must be totally covered with water for therapeutic results — with only nose, eyes and mouth left uncovered.  Start slowly running water at skin temperature. After 15 minutes raise the temperature to 100 degrees, then in 15 minutes raise the temperature to 103 degrees.

Although the temperature is not high, since the patient is totally covered, no heat escapes from the body and its temperature will rise to match that of the water, creating a slight, healing fever.

4.  The length of the treatment should be about 1 hour.  If the patient is ill, constant supervision is necessary.  The patient’s pulse should not go over 130 or 140.  Watch the patient’s reaction closely.  If he/she experiences discomfort, raise to a sitting position for 5 minutes.

5.  Gentle massage with a skin brush during the bath is helpful in stimulating circulation.  It helps bring the blood to the surface of the skin, and relieves the heart from undue pressure.

Sauna Heat Therapy

A sauna is another way to use the overheating therapy principles.  A long sauna not only induces a healing, cleansing fever, but also causes profuse therapeutic sweating.  The skin, in overheating therapy, acts as a “third kidney” to eliminate body waste through perspiration.

As with the overheating therapy bath, a sauna speeds up metabolism, and inhibits the replication of pathogenic organisms.

All vital organs and glands are stimulated to increased activity.

The body’s immune system is supported and its healing functions accelerated.

The detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin is dramatically increased by profuse sweating.

Although it is possible to make a do-it-yourself sauna, it is more expeditious to use a professional sauna.  Many local health clubs and gyms include a sauna.  For optimum skin cleansing and restoration, take a sauna once or twice a week.  Finish each sauna with a cool shower and a brisk towel rubdown to remove toxins that have been eliminated through the skin while in the sauna.

 NOTE:  Although induced fever is a natural, constructive means of biological healing,, supervision and advice from an expert practitioner are recommended.  A heart and general vitality check is advisable.  Also some people who are seriously ill lose the ability to perspire, and this should be known before using overheating therapy.

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