Spring Tonic

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It’s funny the things that I find in different belief systems that really have a lot to do with each other.  It’s like putting a puzzle together, except I also have to look for and find the puzzle pieces.  That is basically how I lived my life and learned that everything really does have to do with everything else, no matter where in the world it is.

But let’s get to what I want to share today.  Just like the term “spring cleaning” symbolizes a cleansing and making new.  Our body needs a spring cleaning now and then too.  We accumulate toxins we come in contact with like polluted air from cars and other gas producing machines.  We gather toxins that are used on our foods to make them ‘safer’, the chemicals in new clothing, electrical interference from power lines…all these things contribute to our need for a bodily “spring cleaning.”  This will assist our liver in getting cleansed.

Edgar Cayce recommended his spring tonic to “everyone”.  The tonic is made of herbs.  I’m not sure where you might find these, but probably at your natural organic herb shop or possibly through a naturopathic physician’s office.  I found my ingredients on the Internet, but never at the same web address.

The spring tonic begins with two oz. strained pure honey in two oz. purified water.  Mix the honey and water and let it come to a slow boil and then remove from the flame.  Skim off the refuse and add one oz. grain alcohol.  This is the carrier for your tonic.  Next you combine one oz. each of sarsaparilla root, wild cherry bark and yellow dock root.  The sarsaparilla is a digestive tonic, while wild cherry bark works with the respiratory tract, and yellow dock is a blood purifier with healing effects on liver function.

Add to this mixture 1/2 ounce of dogwood bark, 1/2 oz. dog fennel, 1/2 oz. prickly ash bark, 1/2 oz. balsam of tolu, 1/4 oz. sassafras oil and a few drops of tincture of capsici.  Nearly all of these ingredients are native to the eastern United States.  It is best to try to find the ingredients in your local growing area because your body has been acclimated to your specific area of the country.  Shake the solution well before the dose is taken.  Take 1 teaspoon at 2-4 hour intervals for about three days.  This will help keep your liver functioning.

To your greatest success!


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