An Exercise To Practice Feeling Your Liver

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A friend of mine asked me to post an exercise to help you understand how you can feel your liver and to tell when your liver needs help from you.  What you are actually doing is feeling energy, the energy of your body.   People are becoming more and more aware of the energy around them and even in them.  It is exciting and awe-inspiring when you actually FEEL your energy or the energy of another human being. Feeling energy is not hard to do but does require you to practice and open your mind to the possibilities.

Your mind will think of all sorts of explanations to convince you that you cannot feel energy, that you are not ‘sensitive’ enough.  Your mind will have all sorts of stories as explanations of your perceptions, such as:  “It doesn’t actually exist — these people are just kidding themselves.” Or “Sure you felt something, but you were imagining things, making it up to feel like part of the group.”  Open yourself to new experiences and tell your mind to be quiet.

To get to a point when you are able to feel energy, you have to practice.  I can’t say this enough. Not because it is difficult or because there is a particular or right way to do it, but mainly to learn to trust what it is you’re feeling. It is a matter of educating the mind to allow you to register the sensations as valid.   And the mind says, “what you are feeling is so subjective — how can you possibly feel when your liver needs help?”

This is the mind struggling to reassert control of the situation.  It isn’t true.  The feeling is not subjective; no more than a radio picking up sound waves is subjective. You can focus your attention on your liver to find out what it needs from you by practicing the following exercise.  Find a picture of the liver, then close your eyes and visualize how it looks under your ribcage. Place your hand over it and ‘see’ it lying under your hand.  Practice doing this exercise when you wake up, after eating lunch, and right before bed. Move to the next step after you’ve done the exercise enough to feel comfortable visualizing your liver, about a week, if you diligently practice 3 times a day.  If you are adept at visualization, you may be able to go directly to the next step in this exercise without practicing for a whole week.

The next step: as you place your hand over your liver, seeing it under your hand, direct your attention to it.  In your mind’s eye, see the liver floating just under the ribcage, suspended in the body, but somehow connected to it. If you have difficulty seeing in your mind’s eye, go to a grocery store and look at a cow liver.  Seeing the cow liver, you have a basis for knowing how ‘dense’ your own liver must be when healthy. You can also use the pictures in this post. Now, direct your attention into the liver and just let it sit there until you become aware of the dense tissue of the liver around your ‘attention spot.’

Focus your attention on your liver, imagining how it must look floating in the body.  If your liver is healthy, you may not be able to tell any difference between your liver and the rest of your body.  But if your liver is not healthy, you will be able to tell it as a ‘separate-ness’ within your body.   By practicing this exercise you will soon be able to feel your liver without trying to, because if it isn’t healthy, it will not feel like the rest of your body.

I wish you the greatest success!


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