More Liver Detox for Hep C

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I’d completed the Master Cleanser Diet and kick-started my liver into functioning again.  I’d done more research on Hep C and how it impacts the body, and specifically the liver. I had to continue watching how my liver felt because I knew that if I didn’t, my liver might stop functioning again.

One thing I learned from all this is that there is always a natural remedy to hold death at bay even if medical science does no t recognize it. It is just my opinion but I think “they” know about it but “they” keep it from us. (please don’t cry conspiracy theory).  I could still feel my liver as a separate entity from the rest of my body because I could actually feel a sort-of heaviness there where the liver is located. That heaviness is what I used to monitor my liver damage.  Usually when I felt that classic “heavyness” that I came to recognize, I would do more detoxification and cleansing.

*NOTE:  This remedy is Not recommended for anyone under 25 years of age or patients with known large kidney stones.

It was many years since I used this remedy and found it in an herbal book popular in the early 1990’s.  I’d seen it and did it about 1995.  The liver flush is an important detoxifying agent that will help restore the normal functional capacity of the liver.

For 6 days before you do the flush, drink apple juice with every meal and as often as possible.  Apple juice causes movement in the intestinal area.

Then eat a light lunch the 7th day.  Then that evening about 6 PM, drink 1 cup of coke followed by 1/2 cup Virgin Olive Oil.  Then lay down on your right side.  Within a few minutes you will have the urge to use the bathroom.  This helps to further detoxify the liver.  When the liver is detoxified, it is easier to keep the Hepatitis C under control.  Not being a doctor, I don’t know if it protects the liver when the Hep C is under control or not, but it definitely couldn’t hurt.

I wish you the greatest success~!


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