Acupuncture, Music, and Color Therapy

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Simplistically speaking, acupuncture works by making a change in the body along what are called “meridians.” There are meridians for each of our human bodily systems. So, for example, we have a “kidney meridian” and a “heart meridian” and also a “liver meridian” I went to see my first acupuncturist in 1994 and continued to see one at least once a month for at least 10 years.

Each month the acupuncturist looked at me (my eyes, tongue, nails) to determine my state of health and then proceeded to give me an acupuncture treatment. I was moving around a lot during this time, so sometimes saw different acupuncturists. I think this is a good idea because the acupuncturist one time may see something another one didn’t see, so you get a variety of acupuncture methods to address the health problems caused by having hepatitis C.

One thing I noticed while getting acupuncture treatments is that some acupuncturists use music. Music has been proven to have an effect on our moods and health. Research studies suggest that music promotes the production of pain-killing hormones in the brain called endorphins. It seems like if you’re relaxed, it would be more likely that it would encourage a healing mood.

Color therapy has more impact than you might imagine. It has been proved that light is a form of energy. It is absorbed by small ‘cones’ in our eyes that translate the light waves into color and stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands, even in blind people. These glands regulate hormones and other physiological systems in the body.

The color you choose for your surroundings can effect changes in your body. Pink has been shown to have a soothing effect on the body. Pink has been shown to have a tranquilizing effect on aggressive and violent persons, so it is often used in prisons, hospitals, and juvenile detention centers. Those suffering anxiety or withdrawal symptoms would benefit from pink surroundings. While researching I read somewhere about a teenager suffering from drug-induced anxiety. They put him in a pink room and after a few minutes the youth became calm and exhibited more rational behavior. After 15 minutes in the pink room, the teenager fell asleep.

What a powerful effect color can have on us! Another wonderful color that has a relaxing effect on the body and the mind is green. Those who are depressed or anxious can benefit from green surroundings. Blue is a good color for relaxing and has a calming effect on the body and has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. Both blind and sighted people reacted the same to the blue surroundings indicating that color responses are physiological rather than psychological. Use color in your surroundings, including your clothing, to bring about calmness and relaxation.

Everything impacts your health and well being and when you are fighting liver cirrhosis, nothing should be overlooked in fighting the hepatitis c virus that is attacking your liver.

I wish you the greatest success!


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