My Liver

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In 1993 I went in for my regular yearly physical.  Boy, was I in for a shock!  My doctor came in and told me I had a full blown case of the hepatitis C virus and asked if I was feeling ok.  I told him I was feeling fine and he then told me that my liver had completely stopped functioning.

Talk about luck!  It was just lucky that I went in for my yearly exam before my failed liver began causing me more serious problems.  Right away my doctor wanted to do a liver biopsy.  For those of you that don’t know, a liver biopsy is when the doctor pops a large, hollow needle through your body and into your liver to get a very, very small piece of it to send to a laboratory for examination.

Although I was totally shocked by the fact that my liver was not functioning and that I had a deadly, terminal disease, I really didn’t want to jump into having a liver biopsy.  After all, my liver was evidently damaged and a biopsy would damage it further. On top of that, I’ve never really believed that doctors know EVERYTHING about the body, even though they act like they do. I asked him for 30 days to try natural remedies to make my liver start functioning again.  He agreed.

Before now I wasn’t sure if I have survived hepatitis C because I’m just lucky or if I survived hepatitis C because I have something to do here on earth.  The more I get into the Internet, the more I think I’m here to do something, like teach people how to use natural remedies to fight their hepatitis C AND liver cirrhosis.  That is why I chose to start this website to give others natural options that really work for fighting hepatitis C!

I want to share my experiences with hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis, and the knowledge I’ve gotten from my own research into what can be done (outside of liver transplants, chemo and other physician recommended remedies) and my successes in fighting hep c and liver cirrhosis with natural remedies. I want my successes with this terrible disease to become your successes!

I wish you the greatest success~!


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